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Testimonials – What Lap Band Patients Have To Say

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Nothing compares to the actual words of past and present patients. We hope that you find these words to be inspiring and enlightening.

“It was April 26, the day of my lap band surgery.The procedure went as planned,just like Dr. Fox had told me. I went home and followed his written instructions about what to do and what to eat. Every day the instructions said was to add something else to my eating pattern. Except for my bandages which were where Dr.Fox made his incisions,I couldn’t tell any difference. Am I losing weight like Dr.Fox said I would? Well after a few more post operative visits to Dr. Fox with his encouraging words and written dietary instruction, couple of band adjustments, three months from that surgery date I have lost 70 pounds. Besides the weight reduction, my blood sugars have returned to normal and I am off most of my diabetic medication including insulin. I have more energy and able to exercise every day. Still I have a ways to go to reach my target, but as Dr. Fox said “you are well on your way.”

– John S.

“There are literally not enough words in the English language to describe the advantages of the lap band procedure! Since my procedure in December ’06, my life has completely changed. At over 80 lbs lighter, I feel stronger and more energized than I did at 18. No longer do I have cravings for sugary drinks and high calories foods. The “band” has given me the push I needed to make healthy food choices and I now exercise 5 days a week and feel great! The aftercare I have received since surgery has been smooth and virtually painless. Dr. Fox genuinely cares about your well being and constantly give words of encouragement. Doc adequately prepares you for surgery and as long as you follow his regiment and work at it you WILL see results. Dr. Fox and his staff saved my life!”

– J.G.

“I would like to express my appreciation regarding your care and the support I have received since my surgery in October 2006. From the time I decided Lap Banding was the procedure for me, I have received information from you and your team as well as had all my questions answered beyond my satisfaction. I had never undergone a surgical procedure and was a little scared of the unknown however I had nothing to worry about due to the care I have received. You provided web-sites for me to do my own research as well as have always been available for anything I need be it support, questions, concerns, etc.

Immediatly after my procedure the nurse in charge of taking care of me post surgery commented to me that you Dr. Fox are a perfectionist and she was proud whenever she viewed your work to say your patients are some of the easiest to take care of as they are well informed and you technique is some of the best work she ever sees. I felt so at ease because of her comments and felt I had really made the correct decision for me in having you as my surgeon. You answered all my questions as well as took time to give me all of the after care information I would need. Your support is excellent. I also very much appreciated your follow-up calls after I went home.

Post surgery, during my once a month visits to AGIB I have super support as well as informative nutrition advise, excercise tips, a counselor at my disposal, and caring staff.

I weighed 283 pounds when I visited your seminar and had tried many diets only to fail again and again. Currently, I weigh just under 200 pounds for the first time in many years. I am quickly becoming a new person, a healthy person. Thank you and your staff for all you do!”

– Donna M.

“At 38 years old and more than 100 pounds overweight, I knew that I had to do something about my weight. I kept seeing a commercial on TV about the lapband procedure and finally decided to call. I went to a seminar and met Dr. Fox and decided that night that the lapband was right for me. I have now been banded for 4 months and have lost a total of 36 pounds. Even though I still have a long way to go, I am so happy with the results and feel better than I have felt in years. I can’t say enough about Dr Fox and his staff. I knew the night I met him at the seminar that he was the doctor for me. From the very beginning he and his staff have been so encouraging and made me feel so comfortable. Someone asked me the other day if I was glad I had the surgery and my reply was “I WOULD DO IT AGAIN IN A HEARTBEAT!!”. Thanks Dr. Fox for helping me live a happier and healthier life!”

– Shelly

For those past and present patients who would like to add a testimonial, comment or their experience with the Lap Band, Dr. Fox and his office staff or the weight loss program in general, please click here.

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